Wound Care

Wound Care

  • Non healing wounds can occur for a variety of reasons. Dr. Siddiqui will diagnose why a wound is not healing and address all the risk factors to achieve expeditious wound healing. Two types of wounds that are treat are Venous Ulcers and Diabetic Ulcers.


Venous Ulcers

Occur due to venous reflux disease and varicose veins. Though many think that varicose veins are simply cosmetic, they think that insurance will not cover the cost of treatment. Most insurance companies WILL pay for correction of varicosities.

Addressing venous reflux and varicose veins will ultimately heal venous ulcers and prevent re-occurrence.

Diabetic Ulcers

These ulcers can form due to poor blood supply, typically in the foot region. Dr. Siddiqui will investigate as to why the ulcers have formed. He will then improve the blood flow with treatment and increase the oxygen supply so that the ulcers can heal.

  • Foot Care instructions will be given and counsel on preventing the ulcers from occurring The treatment of these wounds can include debridement, una boot wrapping, the use of silver dressings.